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Satellite tele-audiology is the technology developed by Inventis that offers a safe and effective way to offer hearing testing services while remaining physically distant.

We understand that with the recent COVID-19 challenges, it has made in person testing even more difficult. Satellite is a remote hearing care solution that keeps the patient and the audiologist safe.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on hearing healthcare practices as well as those with hearing loss around the world. We understand the importance to address these issues while limiting contact between patients and you as a healthcare professional. Social distancing has made it extremely difficult to diagnose patients accordingly and provide them with the support needed.

Inventis has taken these issues into account and we are pleased to present Satellite, the first real-time remote diagnostic audiometric solution. This is tele-audiology like never before. With Satellite tele-audiology solutions, you can perform a full audiometric test (air conduction, bone conduction and speech) as if you and your patients were sitting in your clinic. Our solution allows your patients to take a hearing test at home or in other settings outside of your clinic while you are still in control.

Tele-audiology in 4 easy steps

We understand the importance of keeping you and your patients safe, but we also want to provide you with the right equipment to ensure that you have a continuous income stream. Our easy to use, 4-step solution, allows for this.

step 1

Satellite technology can be used in different environments with the audiologist in one location and the patient in another. Get your Satellite kit and deliver it to directly to your patient. Our Satellite kit includes:


  • A laptop or tablet with Windows OS configured with Satellite conferencing App

  • A Satellite certified audiometer (ANSI S3.6)

  • A pair of insert earphones or headphones, bone vibrator (available, but optional)


step 2

Start the diagnostic software on your computer and connect to your patient via the conferencing App installed on the tablet

step 3

Instruct your patient on how to wear transducers and conduct the test remotely

step 4

Save the exam results directly on your clinic’s patient database


What's included


Tablet configured with Satellite conferencing and diagnostic app


Satellite certified audiometer

(ANSI S3.6)


Insert earphones or headphones; bone vibrator (optional)

Carrying Case

with protections

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