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We serve Veteran’s Administration Audiology Centers, Independent Audiologists, Hearing Centers Chains, Audiologists in ENT Clinics, Telemedicine Platforms and Telehealth Virtual Clinics

You've likely heard of telemedicine, which allows people to remotely video chat with a healthcare provider. But did you know that audiologists can often offer similar services?

Teleaudiology is defined as a healthcare delivery model that allows people to remotely access audiologists, who are licensed professionals that specialize in helping people with hearing loss. The patient may be at home, or visit a satellite office that's closer to their home. A growing number of states now allow audiologists to provide remote care to patients with hearing loss and other hearing conditions. 

Who we help

Even before COVID, telehealth was expanding to meet a growing need. As Baby Boomers age, more seniors mean more demand for audiology services. But the number of audiologists hasn’t kept up, and especially in rural areas, the nearest audiologist may be far away. More than half of all U.S. counties do not have any audiologists. Telehealth could be a key solution for you.

Even in cities and suburbs, telehealth audiology could be attractive, particularly for older adults with hearing loss who are homebound or in a nursing home. On average, a new hearing aid user needs to see an audiologist about three times. For patients with dementia, the adjustment may be slower—but caregivers may not have the time to bring patients in for multiple fine-tuning visits. 

Because nursing homes don’t tend to have on-site audiologists, it's the caregivers who have to bring patients back and forth to appointments. The trip itself could be stressful for someone with a disability. 

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which has embraced remote technologies for rural health care, is a major hearing aids supplier. More than a third of the veterans it serves live in rural areas and the agency now routinely has eye, skin and radiology specialists reviewing images sent to them electronically. In a pilot program, about 400 veterans have had their hearing tested by audiologists at other locations.


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